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"The burning pain in my hands
and feet was unbearable... "
The stabbing sensations shot through my feet every few seconds... It was like standing on hot coals!

I tried to sleep… Couldn’t sleep…

…Wondering how I would cope with this burning and prickling for the rest of my life.
There was no break from the white hot torture.
Every second reminded me of the neuropathic pain that haunted my every waking moment.

Mark Fellers Hi, I’m Mark Fellers, and if any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.
In just a few seconds
I’m going to share with you how to dramatically reduce your neuropathic pain in the next 24 hours
… And eliminate crippling neuropathy pain from your life for good in the next 30 to 60 days.
So you can finally enjoy complete freedom from the numbness, tingling, and sharp stabbing white hot pain that’s making your life hell.

As impossible as it may sound right now…
Give me 2 minutes and I’ll prove it to you.
And don’t worry
This is not another sales page for neuropathy medication, more herbal remedies, or some kind of diet scam to heal your condition
Pharmacy money And rest assured – this solution to your pain is 100% natural and 100% safe, fast, and permanent. And I’ve got to warn you… I’ve taught these little-known techniques to heal neuropathy in over 37,200 people. People just like you who live in over 58 countries around the world who have paid me up to $500 each for this neuropathic pain solution.
So in fairness to these people
I am only planning on leaving this video up for the next 24 hours. So this could literally be the only chance you have to see this video all the way through. And if you have something better to do than watch this video right now… your neuropathic pain either doesn’t bother you… or you’ve decided you want to live with it. Which I know from personal experience is VERY unlikely.
And just a quick warning
I don’t know how much longer I can keep BIG Pharma off my back. They want to shut down what I have to say about neuropathy. And it’s no surprise really.
Cash Cow The neuropathy ‘business’ – and yes, to the big pharmaceutical companies neuropathy is just a ‘cash cow business’ – is worth over 1.7 billion a year. So they don’t want people like me messing with their profits… by giving people a solution to their neuropathy. It’s a well known fact that BIG Pharma could cure many chronic conditions but the real money for them is in the repeat business.
Kind of like a drug dealer… or the world’s BIGGEST drug dealer. I’ve already received a  cease and desist letter   from one big pharmaceutical giant – to take down this video. And they have enough legal muscle to send me to the poor house for good. However… what I have to share with you today is so important for stopping your neuropathy pain… I need to persist – I’m on a mission to keep this video up for as long as possible.
Stick with me today and I’ll reveal to you
A unique and powerful (and super quick and easy) step-by-step method to
Sleeping well You will sleep like a baby once again without painful stabbing sensations keeping you awake all night.
… And not to mention – you’ll save thousands on medications and treatments.
And improve the quality of your life and stop your neuropathy for good.
Sounds good?
First of all… let me ask you a quick question…
Did you know you can eradicate 30% of neuropathy cases by just removing one common food ingredient from your typical American diet?
Contaminated food And no – it’s not sugar – although you definitely want to remove that.

Or that you may have some foods in your kitchen right now that are actually ‘neurotoxins’ – destroying your nervous system and creating your neuropathy condition or making it much worse than it needs to be?
I’ll tell you what those foods are in just 5 minutes.
Did you know that a cheap form of technology available today can sooth neuropathy in your body faster than you ever thought possible?
And BIG Pharma spends millions every year trying to suppress or discredit this 100% safe technology?
These are just some of the hundreds of intriguing and sometimes downright bizarre facts I learned during a phone call with one of the most secretive and virtually unknown authorities on healing neuropathy.
For the sake of this video,
let’s call him Bob
… as he wants to keep his identity hidden
Bob He’s very old (over 90) and one of the greatest functional medicine researchers and anthropologists on the planet today. And the commotion of thousands of people rushing to his door for a cure for neuropathy would probably kill him.
Anthropologists study the history of man, by the way. I’ll explain why that’s important for you in 3 minutes. And I’ll tell you more about this man’s proven neuropathy healing secrets… And how to use them to clear your pain in just a second.
Here’s just some of what
former neuropathy sufferers
have said about him

“Neuropathy Revolution™ saved my life. It's as simple as that.”

“Your Neuropathy program is absolutely a miracle. I am on day 15 and I'm completely off all pain killers and medications".

“I am pain-free and feeling like a teenager again. I can't believe it.”

“Here's the latest from my neurologist: ‘Your neuropathy appears to be completely reversed. No further treatment is needed.’ ”

No joke.
His methods are that good
In fact: some of the leading authorities on treating and healing neuropathy the natural way credit Bob with the results they get. And they just use a fraction of what he teaches.
Tsimane Diet When I got on the phone to Bob first…
he dropped one fascinating secret after another on how to stop neuropathy …all casual like.
As if he was talking about the weather.
He told me of an incredibly powerful healing tree in the ancient Amazon forest that tribes in the region have been using for thousands of years to clear all types of pain.
Or ancient points on the body – which practically no acupuncturist knows about – when pressed at the same time can activate your ‘inner healing centre’ to stop neuropathic pain
Capsules He told me how many neuropathy sufferers are making their condition worse in the long run by using some conventional medicines like Neurontin (gabapentin capsules) and Capsaicin creams and other so called pharmaceutical ‘miracle cures’. And he also shared with me the top 3 secrets for stopping neuropathy he learned from interviewing key members of the Tsimane tribe in the Amazon.

Tsimane Tribe They are among the top 4 healthiest tribes in the world… according to data presented by scientists at the American College of Cardiology conference in Washington, D.C., this year.
As incredible as many of these secrets are – they are small potatoes compared to key factors behind all neuropathy he revealed to me.
After removing these causal factors of neuropathy, he has healed this painful condition – even in patients who were told they would be on medication forever or when they were told they would just have to live with it
Sounds impossible doesn’t it?
But it’s a fact
And the man I’m talking about has seen seemingly hopeless cases of men and women, practically screaming for the sweet release of death to remove their nerve pain, come back a week later after taking his advice and walk up his driveway pain-free, like a newborn puppy…
…Eager to thank him for the help he gave them.
And while I can’t cover everything I learned from Bob in this short video, I can tell you how to get your hands on Bob’s key healing secrets for neuropathy.
Before we get to that though...
Let me tell you a little about me,
how I came to meet Bob
and how I healed my neuropathic pain and reversed this horrific condition in over 37,200 people in over 58 countries the world over
Mark Fellers picture

Mark Fellers

My name is Mark Fellers and I’m a former neuropathy sufferer. Chances are you are exactly like I was when I suffered from this condition for years on end. You may have debilitating numbness, tingling, or pain in your feet that can range from mild to severe. Neuropathic pain can be unbelievably devastating to your quality of life.
You may have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of frustrating hours even to get diagnosed for your neuropathy –only to be told they are not quite sure what’s causing it
Normal sensations – a light linen shirt on your skin or someone touching you – can feel incredibly painful or uncomfortable. You may be anxious and depressed because nothing you have tried to treat your condition has actually worked.
You’ve had it up to here with quick fix scams and promises of cures that are nothing but a rip-off
You need to find a real solution to your neuropathy that will eliminate this problem from your life for good.
Do any of the following symptoms seem familiar to you?
Are you tearing your hair out with frustration, unable to find a solution to your problem?
I know I was…
My neuropathy started about 10 years ago
Overweight man I was overweight at the time, and I guess I’d been bordering on diabetes for many years.
And sure enough, one day the doctor gave me the official diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. I was really worried when I got the diagnosis but the doctor assured me my condition could be controlled easily.
I took my Metformin at the time and managed as best I could. …Watching my diet and trying to exercise more. About 2 years after that though, the neuropathy started to rear its ugly head. I had no idea what it was at first. It started at night. I’d feel a burning sensation in my big toe that would sometimes wake me up. I didn’t think too much about it for a few months. After a few more months though… my hands started to bother me too.
A prickling shooting pain darted through them and sometimes they throbbed with that sharpness for hours.
My body contorted from the pain
It was like someone holding my hands to the fire. Pretty soon sleeping as well as working became impossible. Maybe you can relate. I felt like jumping out the window with the pain sometimes. I couldn’t do any of the activities I loved, like golf or just walking. Every moment was a living hell. After visiting my local doctor and being referred on for tests that lasted 3 months… the diagnosis finally came... “It’s neuropathy,” said Mike, my doctor.
He went on to say the condition could be managed like my diabetes, but I could expect some discomfort moving forward. He would do the best he could to control my symptoms with drugs.
I was desperate and fell into a pit of depression at the time
The medications I tried helped take an edge off things a little, but it was still an uphill battle to fight the constant pain and fatigue and disability
Some of drugs also had nasty side effects like dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and constipation. Maybe you’ve been there. My life was in a horrific limbo where I felt all my progress and enjoyment was being paralyzed by my pain and discomfort. My desperation at the time led me to search for anything I could to cure my condition. But all I found was a series of dead ends.
Hand and cream I found nothing but diet scams on the internet or so called ‘magical creams’ for neuropathy that did nothing but give me a greasy smelly foot on top my excruciating pain.

If you looked up the dictionary definition of desperate at the time you would have seen a picture… of me, Mark Fellers.
Now call it fate or just dumb luck, but my desperation eventually led me to meet Bob
You see, in my search for a solution to my pain, I spent countless hours at night on online forums talking to various people who suffered from the same neuropathic pain.
Some of their solutions were mildly helpful at best. Most were downright useless, although well intentioned. Maybe you’ve been on some of the same forums and know what I’m talking about. One night, while I was trawling through a ton of tips for easing my toe pain… I came across a flurry of excitement about one particular forum member who had just joined the chat room.
On one of his posts… A year almost to the day since it was posted… There were a ton of threads following it. Most of them were ‘thank you threads’  from the hundreds of people he had helped with their neuropathy. This guy would just come onto the forum now and again and drop a golden nugget of information on how to sooth and heal neuropathy, and you could see people getting great results in the threads that followed.
I was intrigued
Man I spent a good 4 hours looking through all his tips and tricks for stopping neuropathy pain. He had fascinating info I had never heard of about dealing with neuropathic pain. I tried some of his tips out. Waited a few days and… to my surprise…
I was not pain-free or cured or anything, but something VERY subtle was happening inside me.
The sharp stabbing pain and white hot sensations that drove me crazy were somehow less severe than normal. I needed to find out more. I needed to meet Bob in person.
Which was not easy. His time on the forum was unpredictable and sporadic. I sent him personal messages that would never be returned. He did say in his posts that he valued his privacy and would respond as best he could, when he could.
Luckily though, I’m not the type of guy who takes no for an answer
After months of Google searching and calling hundreds of men with the same name in the same postal code… I finally got to the talk to the man himself one day on the phone. After dialing the phone that Monday morning… after about ten rings… a husky old voice answered.
Man “Yes,” he said. “Uh hi … my name is Mark and you don’t know me… but I’ve been following your posts on the neuropathy forum.” A stony silence descended.
“Okay,” he said with suspicion. “Well, the thing is, they are really helping me – but I need to find out more.” “Although your methods have helped me, I’m still in pain… You see.”
“Can you help? Please, I’ll pay you anything you want”
Help Please “I don’t normally see people face to face anymore,” he said. “I’m kind of retired now.” I insisted though. I pleaded. I cajoled. After another 15 minutes, he finally agreed to see me. Exactly one week later… after driving 6 hours to upstate New York to see Bob… we finally met face-to-face. After some brief chit chat, we got to talking about neuropathy. It soon became obvious to me that… Bob was THE unsung expert on the subject and he gave me even more tips for stopping the disease.
The real secret to Bob’s success actually had nothing to do with what most doctors or natural healers talk about
and EVERYTHING to do with his work as an anthropologist… studying the vitality of some of healthiest people on Earth in his 40 years of work
“Listen,” he said…
“Neuropathy is just one of the many diseases most native tribes around the world never experience along with heart attacks, stokes, diabetes, high blood pressure or even cancer.”
“And the reason why is simple…”
“In my study of hundreds of tribes around the world…”
“There are 3 main areas where they differ to us DRAMATICALLY”
Those areas are in their:
Bob said, “If you manage to follow specific EASY-TO-FOLLOW protocols in the way these tribes behave... I practically guarantee you can reverse your neuropathy and most other diseases for that matter.”
I later found out Bob’s theories were backed up with hard scientific evidence
The tribes he was studying… the ones he based his findings on, were groups like the Tsimane people in the forests of Bolivia
Tribe walking In a study in the Lancet Journal of Medicine 6 years ago researchers found they did not have any signs of clogged up arteries. Even into old age. Ailments like diabetes or lack of mobility or joint or nerve pain were also unheard of. Although their diet is different from our western diet and they are more active, researchers claimed at the time there were key lessons we could learn from how they eat and move and rest.
Tribe walking two Bob also produced facts and figures on other tribes he had studied like the Tarahumara Tribe (Copper Canyons, Mexico) This tribe – famous for their running – has one of the lowest rates of degenerative diseases according to researchers, including neuropathy pain in old age. The researchers at the famous Men’s Health Magazine called them…
A tribe of superhumans, the Tarahumara Indians have zero diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease or cancer
Bob also mentioned the Inuit tribes of northern Canada
Eskimo group …Where despite having a diet of mostly saturated fat have none of the heart disease or diabetes and peripheral neuropathy you would expect in these people according to scientists studying them for over 30 years. After Bob had contracted peripheral neuropathy himself in his 60s, his work as a travelling anthropologist had been severely comprised. He was housebound by his pain and discomfort most of the time.
And then the answer to his neuropathy pain – he realized one day – was staring him in the face. Not noticing neuropathy disease in any of the tribes he studied… even in the really old tribe members…
…He decided to dedicate all his time and effort to figuring out what they were doing right compared to what we were doing wrong in the west – when it came to staying healthy and not succumbing to crippling conditions like neuropathy.
After years of study,
he finally cracked the code
on what they were doing that prevented them from ever suffering from neuropathic pain – no matter how long they lived
After first experimenting on himself – and doing a ton of trial and error studies – and failing many times – he finally came up with a method to cure himself and over 10 thousand other people. The road for Bob was not easy. Many of the techniques he tried failed, many, many times.

He spent 15 years perfecting his methods. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development. And after a ton of blood, sweat and tears… And years of failing and stress and sleepless nights...
He then came up with a 7-step program
which is the core of his method for immediately easing neuropathy symptoms and reversing the pain and damage of neuropathy in 60 days – no matter how bad your condition
Using very specific techniques in nutrition, exercise, stress management and eliminating certain toxins and harmful microorganisms... neuropathy could be eradicated in 60 days or less based on his own experience and working with thousands of neuropathy clients since. In other words…
The key areas where these tribes differed from us westerners
I’ll outline his 7 steps in a few moments. He tried to publish a book on his findings 25 years ago but BIG Pharma tried to shut him down as he named some of their drugs in his book as major causes of neuropathy. So he decided to help people with neuropathy who came across his path… and in recent years he spread some of his knowledge on online forums. And that was just the beginning of the knowledge Bob gave me...
Listen carefully
Another way in which these tribes differ from us here in the west is they are not exposed to what Bob calls:
deadly neurotoxins: the toxins in our environments that destroy our central nervous system and are a major cause of neuropathy
He said focusing on removing just some of these neurotoxins in your environment or diet… which attack your central nervous system daily… can dramatically improve your nervous system and neuropathy symptoms. And in most cases, you can completely eradicate neuropathy when you follow his other protocols.
Hundreds of so-called ‘safe chemicals’ are in fact deadly neurotoxins attacking our nervous system every day, he said
Native tribes around the world with excellent health are never exposed to these toxins and thus never suffer from neuropathy or other diseases.
Some of these little known neurotoxins are:
Aspartame… that sweet flavor in your diet soda and a host of their sweet treats
Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, a professor of neurosurgery at the Medical University of Mississippi, recently published a book thoroughly detailing the damage caused by the ingestion of excessive aspartic acid from aspartame.

Inside he detailed an account of how aspartame causes chronic neurological disorders (diseases of the brain and nervous system) and many other acute symptoms.
Neuropathy is among those disorders.
According to another report in the Lancet Medical Journal in 2019
It concluded that fluoride is one of only 11 chemicals known to damage the developing brain and nerves
Fluoride water It showed how simple fluoride (another toxin in our tap water) could be a major cause of neuropathy in patients. You probably have a neurotoxin in your kitchen right now you are not aware of. In fact, you probably have a lot more than one.
Bob gave me a full list like:
Atrazin – found in corn – who would have thought?
Or Aflatoxins – found in peanuts. Do you eat peanuts?
And many – many more. So what happened after I followed Bob’s advice on following some of the principles of these healthy tribes and eliminating the neurotoxins on his list?
corn nuts
My neuropathy all but vanished
And your neuropathy can too
I no longer suffered from burning, prickling pain that destroyed my every waking moment and peace of mind and hope for the future. I could sleep at night.
…Without being awakened with pain or staring at the ceiling for hours wondering how I’m going to live with this agony for the rest of my life.
Before After
It was unbelievable – getting my life back like that. I was very grateful to Bob and I begged him to let me share his 7 step procedure for getting relief from neuropathy in 24 hours and eradicating it from your body over the course of 30 to 60 days. Knowing full well the personal pain of neuropathy, it’s become my mission in life to spread the word about his methods for stopping this terrible affliction in people’s lives.
So here’s the good news
Bob's neuropathy solution is now available to you in an instantly downloadable handbook you can be reading in just minutes from now
You can use it to get relief from your symptoms as soon as today and eradicate your pain over the next 30 to 60 days. It's called...
Neuropathy Revolution™
It's a 100% safe holistic 7 step treatment
for your neuropathy pain
Neuropathy Revolution™ book It's a clinically researched system... backed by 10,000 hours of painstaking research to deliver a complete solution to ending your neuropathy problem. It's helped over 37,200 people just like you who live in over 58 countries to permanently rid themselves of neuropathy pain.
With this unique and
powerful system you can
Neuropathy Revolution™ works for all types of neuropathy conditions and will help you no matter how severe your neuropathy pain is
We can go deeper into this program.
In the meantime, here are a few kind words from people who have seen amazing results from Neuropathy Revolution™
Here is just some of what you will discover inside Neuropathy Revolution™
Page #27:
The demystifying truth behind the real 5 causes of neuropathy. Most people have this completely wrong, including many 'expert' doctors. Once you know the real root cause of your particular pain... It becomes so much easier to treat and eradicate your specific condition.
Page #36:
The often overlooked risk factors of neuropathy that cause this disease and so much untold suffering in so many. Knowing these risk factors greatly reduces the chances of your neuropathy coming back again.
Page #49:
The single critical key in deciding whether to have neuropathy surgery or not.
What you will discover here about neuropathy surgery will shock you.
Page #57:
How to evaluate your unique case of neuropathy so you can know exactly what areas of the Neuropathy Revolution™ to focus on for the best results. Every case of neuropathy is different. Knowing your individual type of neuropathy is key to clearing this condition from your body and leading a pain-free life once again.
Page #66:
Little-known medical conditions that mimic neuropathy. This is nothing short of critical. You ABSOLUTELY need to know these conditions your doctor may have overlooked before you go treating your neuropathy.
Page #71:
The DANGEROUS side effects of neuropathy medication that most people are unaware of.
Knowing just one of these side effects could very well save your life.
Page #81:
The 7 unique key steps you need to take to start reversing your neuropathic pain today and live a pain-free life of freedom and possibility.
These include
Step 1
– The secret mindset change every neuropathy sufferer need to make to heal their neuropathic pain. This mindset change is so powerful some people have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain at this stage without taking any further action.
Step 2
– How to exploit the very best of what's available in accessible cheap technology today to dramatically reduce your pain symptoms while you are on the road to reversing your condition.
Step 3
– The secret neuropathic dietary tips and guidelines that eradicate even the most stubborn cases of neuropathy practically overnight. These are not diet tips you will find online or in a book. They are the results of 20 thousand hours of painstaking cutting edge research and testing.
Step 4
Immunity boosting tips and vital key supplements you need to tackle your neuropathic pain at its roots so its hold on you withers away. Just like what happens to a tree when you remove its roots. That's right – it dies. Just like your pain will.
Step 5
Why you must cleanse your body and eliminate a specific sugar-based diseased condition most neuropathy sufferers have, if you want to be free from neuropathic pain. You'll discover EXACTLY how to do it.
Step 6
– Specialized and little known neuropathy and pain-reduction exercises. Here you will discover 9 ways to stimulate your body to release its own natural painkillers to protect you from nerve pain in your extremities. It works immediately no matter what your condition or cause of your neuropathy.
Step 7
– The little known ‘body mind system’ for ending neuropathy in your life. You’ll be amazed at the hidden link between your mind and neuropathy and how you can use your mind to stop this condition from your life for good.
When you get your copy of Neuropathy Revolution™ (as long as you act today), you will also get these amazing fast action bonuses for free
Fast action bonus
The Diabetes Protocol
The Diabetes Protocol Diabetes is one of the major causes of neuropathy in people as uncontrolled blood sugar can wreak havoc on a person's nerve endings.

The diabetes protocol shows how to get your blood sugar under control fast, so you can stop the damage and more pain by tackling one of main root causes of your neuropathic pain.

The diabetes protocol alone is valued at $37.
And I'm not finished yet
My research into better and more effective ways to stop this condition never ends.
I'm always looking for more effective cutting edge research that will help people achieve faster results.
So when you order now, you will also get lifetime updates on my research – My 3rd free bonus.
Everything new I learn about clearing this condition from your life will be yours immediately as soon as I test it.
My friends and colleagues have advised me to price this bonus at $200.
So how much would you expect to pay for Neuropathy Revolution™ and all these bonuses?
The bonuses alone here are worth $687, and experts have recommended I charge $500 for Neuropathy Revolution™ as that's what I charge for a one-hour consultation with neuropathy sufferers
That's $1037 altogether!

And at that price it would be an incredible value.
After all – this is THE solution to remove pain from your life and get you back on track again.
It's going to make your life enjoyable again.
It's going to transform your emotions and give you peace and a pain-free life.
And let's face it...
$1037 is not even the price of a decent holiday.
Or a meal out in a fancy restaurant.
Or groceries for 3 weeks.
You don't have to pay $1037 today or even half that at $518 or half of that again.

If you act right now, you can download your copy of Neuropathy Revolution™ instantly plus all the amazing bonuses for just $37!
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That's right... only $37
That's a fraction of the cost of a one-hour consultation with me where I only get to cover a fraction of what you will discover.

And it's a tiny fraction of what many people I consult with spend on medications every week. Or other expensive treatments for neuropathic pain.
Why just $37?
This is not about money for me.
As long as I make enough to cover my advertising cost here, I'm happy.
Remember I know from personal experience how bad your pain can be.
...How debilitating it can be coping with neuropathic pain. There were times when I lost all hope in my suffering.
...And when my research started to pay off...
I made myself a solemn promise that I would let as many people as possible know about this solution to neuropathy.
That's my mission in life right now
Risk-Free-Satisfaction-Guarant I want to stop neuropathy in at least 500 people a month and $37 is the least I can charge and still cover my advertising to make that a reality. Will you be part of my mission? And don't forget – you are backed here today by my...
Iron Clad No Weasel Out, No Fine Print, Money Back, Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee
So you say “maybe.”
Here's how that works
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Use the insider information you get with Neuropathy Revolution™ for the next 30 to 60 days.
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And in the UNLIKELY EVENT you are not pain-free in 30 to 60 days from now, I want you to ask for, and get your, money back. Frankly, if this program has not cleared all your pain from your body inside 60 days I don’t want to keep your money!
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Like you've already heard...

Other solutions for neuropathic pain focus on treating the symptoms but not the root cause of your condition... so you never tackle the root cause of your problem to eradicate your symptoms.
So you can take pills and rub creams on your skin to get relief, but your underlying condition will remain...
...And eventually get so bad it cannot be treated effectively with natural methods.
Neuropathy Revolution™ is also super simple to follow.
There is nothing complicated inside, nothing difficult to understand.
The effectiveness of the method comes from its simplicity.
It's also 100% safe as it uses only natural methods to heal your pain that are proven in their safety and effectiveness.
And absolutely nothing is left out to move you on your journey to a pain-free life.
Imagine what your life could be
in 30 days from now
You feel like your 'old' self again! Even if you are remotely interested in living a pain-free life, you owe it to yourself to at least try out Neuropathy Revolution™.

Results are often instantaneous and permanent results are usually achieved after 30 to 60 days.
Isn't it time you tried a solution to your neuropathic pain that actually works for a change?
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You’ve got an
important decision to make here
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and then you'll be stuck in a prison of pain FOREVER. Do not let that happen.
Businessman in problems Alone Option 2: Go out there and try to figure out all this stuff yourself. But that would take many years, as it took for me.
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Remember, people are paying me upwards of $500 an hour for me to advise them on the changes they need to make to stop their pain
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Let me ask you this...
Do you know the difference between people who recover from neuropathy and people who continue to suffer? It comes down to the decisions they make.
People who continue to suffer with neuropathic pain spend their time and money on medications and continue to get sicker and experience more pain.
Those who recover, on the other hand, spend their time and money tackling the root of cause of their problem.
In other words, they spend their money on something life-changing, and their life changes as a result.
Neuropathy Revolution™ is the biggest life-changing event you will ever invest in. It's going to stop the neuropathic pain you're in right now and help you regain the balance and mobility that is your birth right.
You will soon able to walk again without fear of falling and hurting yourself.

You can see results as soon as tonight as the pain can stop almost immediately and you can have permanent results in as little as 30 to 60 days.
Imagine sleeping tonight in
a peaceful pain-free state
like never before
You will also halt the onset of other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and arthritis with the natural holistic healthy interventions inside the Neuropathy Revolution™
It’s time to adopt a new healthy success habit. We are all creatures of habit. Some habits create health – others do not. If you want to be healthy, you have to adopt a new habit. Neuropathy Revolution™  will be your new easy-to-follow habit. Neuropathy Revolution™  can show you exactly how to adopt the healthy habits of people who have said goodbye to their neuropathic pain for good. So you can follow in their footsteps and get the same results.
Old habits are hard to break unless
you introduce a new habit
If you close this page right now – you will just go back to the same old habits that led you to your current situation and you will have no idea how damaging many of these habits are.
The bottom line is...
You have nothing whatsoever to lose.
Accessing Neuropathy Revolution™ right now is
a 100% risk-free decision
You cannot lose here. You are going to get access to the exact blueprint 37,200 people have used to free themselves of neuropathic pain over the last 4 years.
Just follow what they are doing and you will get the same results. It really is as simple as that. Click the instant access button right now and start saying goodbye to your neuropathic pain as soon as today.
Still here?
Here are some quick answers to emails I got recently from people who later went on to become customers. They may help you.
Joe from Cleveland, Ohio, asks
Joe My doctor says my neuropathy is caused by many factors including my blood sugar levels and chronic inflammation. I guess I’m asking if this will work for me with my condition?

Glad you asked Joe.
Although I can never 100% guarantee a specific outcome for an individual, let me say this...
Neuropathy Revolution™ is designed to tackle the root causes of any neuropathic pain so there is a very good chance you will start to see improvement soon in your pain.
Like I said already – we do not tackle the symptoms of neuropathy, but look at what is causing those symptoms. By doing that, the solution is a lot more effective than relying solely on medications that just treat the surface-level condition.
Josephine from Tampa, Florida, asks
Josephine Can you tell me about your guarantee again... is this offer really risk-free?

Absolutely Josephine. All I'm asking from you today is to simply give Neuropathy Revolution™ a try – that's all. A simple try.
And in the UNLIKELY event you don't clear your pain in the next 30 days, simply ask for a refund.
This product comes to you from Clickbank – the largest seller of digital products online next to Amazon.
They sell millions of dollars worth of products every week and will immediately give you a refund if you are unhappy. No questions asked. They also use state-of-the-art encrypted software for processing your credit card details, which I never have access to. So you are as secure as buying something on Amazon.
Sam from Cambridge in Boston asks
Sam Can this program stop the tingling in my foot?
And stabbing pain in my toe?
The pain is driving me crazy.

Absolutely Sam.
I know from personal experience and from my work with thousands of neuropathy sufferers that neuropathy pain can manifest in many different ways for different people.
Neuropathy Revolution™ is designed to tackle all of those symptoms, including your foot and toe pain.
Sarah from Sydney, Australia, asks
Sarah I'm getting some relief from my medications already. Will this help?

That's a big yes, Sarah.
You can stay on your medications while on this program.
I always advise talking to your doctor before making any decisions on your medication. Like I said already, medications are great for treating your surface symptoms but this program goes beneath those symptoms and treats the root cause of your problems and pain.
When you do that, you should find your need for medications fading away.
Linda from New York asks
linda Is this solution safe?

That's a Yes Linda.
Everything inside Neuropathic Revolution is 100% safe and natural.
And will never have any side effects – unlike a lot of the medications on the market today.
George from Salina, Kansas asks
George How does the program get delivered to me?

That's simple George.
Neuropathy Revolution™ and all the bonuses are instantly downloadable. You can have them in just seconds from now. And once you download them, you can access them from anywhere like your laptop or phone.
I hope these answers help you with any questions you have about this product.
Let me end with
a personal note from me to you
I know what it's like suffering from this condition.
I know how it can turn your life upside down.
You now have a chance to end all of your pain and suffering today.
Please don't fail to take action here and end up suffering needlessly.
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Don't do that to yourself
I think we all know someone whose physical condition has not only wrecked their physical life but has made them stressed and bitter and unpleasant to be around.
It's not their fault. But pain will impact every aspect of your life, like your emotions, friends, and family in a negative way – if you let it.
Not to mention the terrible toll it takes on you physically and emotionally unless you take action now.
And remember – this is a 100% risk-free decision.
In the unlikely event you feel this is not working for you, simply reach out with an email support ticket any time in the next 60 days and you will have your money back in 24 hours - Guaranteed
You have nothing to lose here and everything to gain.
Hit the instant access button right now and I'll see you on the other side.
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Still here?
Every now and then a moment comes along that changes everything in life
Neuropathy Revolution™ completely turns your painful, debilitating condition on its head.
No longer will you be a slave to doctors and their drugs to live a normal life.
Neuropathy Revolution™ has the power to create for you...
Remember when you order you have absolutely no-risk at all as you are covered by my promise of a 100% refund guarantee
You’ll see things in Neuropathy Revolution™  that will amaze you. You’ll see stories and proof that will have you asking for more. You’ll be offered a way to think and to see your world differently, which means seeing beyond your current health condition, and your current pain and discomfort.
What you will see is the possibility of creating a new pain-free life while controlling your life at the same time. I’m excited for you; I think you should be feeling the same right now.
Click the instant access button – I will do the rest. Here’s to your health.
Still here??
Listen – Every second you wait the odds are that you will do nothing. Change in life requires action, so act now while this is fresh in your mind
Remember: you have the next 60 days to put Neuropathy Revolution™ to the test. Give this program a try and create freedom from the pain in your life using the exact same simple system that has eradicated neuropathy in so many others.

With the no questions asked, money back guarantee there is no way you can lose. You could of course shut down this page and go back to your regular life, but one month or 2 months from now, where will you be? Still in pain or worse. And the freedom to sleep uninterrupted or just walk about freely and not experience pain...? It will never come.
Don’t let that happen and claim your copy of Neuropathy Revolution™  now
Here are a few more testimonials
from happy customers

Mark Fellers picture

Mark Fellers, Medical researcher and Creator of the Neuropathy Revolution™

Stay Gold,
P.S. - Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing. Success in bed requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in your mind...

P.S.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put the Neuropathy Revolution™ to work for you! Put this program to the test and see how it works for you. With the "no questions asked" Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose...
Click the “Add to Cart” Button to Recieve Your Pre-Sale Price of Just $37... PLUS ALL the Bonuses (Worth $687!)
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