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Recommended Products - Day Job Killer    

Day Job Killer

The Day Job Killer ebook is a short book (less than 100 pages long) written by Chris McNeeney, which contains numerous outrageously original and powerful techniques that are being used right now by a few super affiliates who are making a killing online.

The techniques outlined in the book are quite easy to learn and implement. You don't have to be a computer genius or learn any special new skills to use them to make big money in affiliate marketing. In fact, rumors say that Chris has been "field-testing" his methods on 12 test subjects just to prove that they will work for any affiliate, regardless of his or her level of experience prior to publishing this book.

In the book Chris also reveals a niche that makes him over $100,000 a year, and a “Direct Linking” method that makes him over $500 a month on autopilot just by promoting affiliate products on AdWords Plus, affiliate marketing tricks that the 6-figure guys use…exposed in copyable step-by-step detail and a blueprint a 7-figure ClickBank dynamo just uncovered.

I consider myself an old dog that can’t be taught new tricks. But when I read Day Job Killer for the first time, I was completely overwhelmed by the originality and creativity of some of the techniques, I just had to drop everything and start testing them. Since then, I have personally used two of the affiliate promotion methods outlined in the book with tremendous success.

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